Lake Desert, A documentary

Lake Desert, A documentary Thousands of years ago, in the land now called the Central Desert of Iran, there was a big lake. What we have now as a desert, was a land covered with green, thin forest in which small and big lakes were connected through rivers. But today, only memories are left from that nature and we decided to take a short trip to go through the memories and all that revolves around these ancient seas and its early coastal civilizations. Watch Lake Desert, A documentary on Watch Lake Desert, A documentary on Writer and Director: Babak Arjomandi Watch trailer on Lake Desert on Lake Desert on We are also on Lake Desert on فیلم دریاچه کویر - فارسی #lake_desert BEST NATURE/TRAVEL FILM | European Cinematography AWARDS (August 2019) This film has not been prepared with professional film making equipment. A trip which took 4 days and 3 nights, threading over 1600 kilometers at 60 km/hour. Due to a shortage of time, we couldn’t have any retake of the scenes.

Lake Desert | Thu, Mar 19, 2020