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MapLake Desert Map - Routing guide3 Years ago
We invite you to watch Lake Desert, a documentary film here!Please stay home and watch; 4 days/1600 kilometers travel in 45:45 minutes with us.6 Months ago
Dehnamak Shah Abbasi Caravanserai - Bahram PalaceDehnamak Caravanserai or Shah Abbasi Caravanserai or Bahram Palace in Dehnamak village is 20 km east of Aradan, 40 km east of Garmsar, and 150 km east of Tehran8 Months ago
History of GarmsarGarmsar city, located west of Semnan province is 110 km southeast of Tehran province12 Months ago
Lake Desert - Ancient Kavir LakeLake desert or Kavir lake is the most significant ancient lake in Iran with around 1,452 Kilometers in perimeter and 47,335 square kilometers in area.2 Years ago
Ancient lakes of IranThousands of years ago, in the land now called the Central Desert of Iran, there was a big lake. What we have now as a desert, was a land covered with green, thin forest in which small and big lakes were connected through rivers.6 Months ago
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